Since 1995 Next Phase Enterprises Has Been Providing Service Excellence

Next Phase Enterprises is a full-service sales, marketing, and logistics organization in the retail industry. We strive to be a valued extension of our manufacturer partners and of our customers.

At Next Phase Enterprises, it is our people, our commitment to our partners and customers that separates us from the competition. We are committed to maintaining a value-based culture.

Our leadership and sales executives average 26 years of multi-industry expertise to support our partners and our customers.

  • Next Phase Enterprises - Since 1995

Next Phase Enterprises
Vision and Values

  • We are a Family-Owned Company Operating Under a Common Mission

    Protect our families

    Act like owners

    Unity & Teamwork

    Leave no one behind

    Big company credentials with a family business soul

  • Spirit of Service

    Let us be known for our Spirit of Service

    Our, or your success, is more important than MY Success

    Work hard, play hard, and give back

    WE only succeed when THEY succeed

    Success creates opportunity to serve our communities

    DELIGHT and WOW our customers

  • Focused Innovation

    A company without a focus on innovation is a company that is out of focus

    Do not be afraid of failure

    Refusing to change is the enemy

    Constantly seek out new ways to improve us

    No idea is a bad idea, but "no ideas" is a bad idea


  • A Life in Balance

    Give it everything you have, then GO HOME & leave WORK AT WORK

    Know your limits, SPEAK UP when you feel out of balance

    Work for a living but do not live for work

    Refresh, recharge, renew & repeat

  • Mutual Trust & Respect

    Accept teaching with humility & gratitude

    It's not "us" & "them" it is WE

    Believe the best of each other

    Value each other's role

    Teachable moments are key

    Be accountable to one another

    "Respectfully challenge" each other

    Best Idea wins the day

Value-Based Culture

We like to think of the Next Phase Enterprises team as a family. We are one, collaborative and cohesive team working together towards a shared mission to help each other grow professionally and personally.

Together we clearly defined a set of core values that we believe will ultimately lead to positive morale for our employees, greater efficiencies, and overall success of our organization.

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Partnership Success with Service

  • 1,500

    Hours of volunteering per year

  • 20

    Community Partnerships

We are so grateful to partner with the team at Next Phase Enterprises who provide the support, love, and encouragement through our Dream Center that change the lives of children and their families every day. Their investment of time, resources and heart in the Dream Center and in the children we serve is one of our most special blessings at St. Vincent de Paul, inspiring thousands of others to get involved in helping children’s dreams become a reality in our community. - Shannon Clancy, Executive Director St. Vincent de Paul

    Giving Back

    Next Phase Enterprises is as committed to our community and neighbors as we are to our clients and partners. We are proud to support these, and other, fine organizations.

From the CEO

It has been my adult-life ambition to develop an exceptional business model with specialized focus on representing clients to the biggest and best retailers in the world, namely the club and mass merchandiser industry. In 1995 I was excited to take the first steps of the journey to achieve this dream.

From the very beginning, I recognized the typical brokerage model approach was not what I wanted to emulate. Rather, I had a vision for Next Phase Enterprises to become a full-service partner and representative for select clients to an elite group of customers. I aspired for Next Phase Enterprises to truly be a leader in every step of the process. A partner guiding our clients as we jointly developed, managed and implemented every facet of a program from the initial concept, to “on-shelf”, to sustaining longstanding profits and growth. In short, my objective was for Next Phase Enterprises to become an extension of our clients’ team in every sense of the word.

I am extremely proud, gratified, and humbled to be able to say we are now celebrating our 26th year of business building toward my original purpose. The Next Phase Enterprises team, and our clients, have grown our collective business to over $1.3 billion in retail sales annually. I take immense satisfaction in the fact we have been able to provide these results on behalf of our valued, long-term clients and partners who chose the Next Phase Enterprises team to lead them into the club and mass merchandiser channel.

This success is entirely due to the talents and hard work of the wonderful staff (family company members) at Next Phase Enterprises who share my vision and strive, on a daily basis, to do the extraordinary on behalf of our client partners. Our number one asset, the human capital of over 104 dedicated and committed professionals in offices all over the country, have over 600 years of combined direct industry experience which they put to work every day of the year on behalf of, our clients.

As I look forward, I am committed to and excited as ever at the prospect of further growing your business. And, it is my assertion we will continue to achieve tremendous success for you, our partners, by creating exceptional programs for our mutual customers.

Yours in Service,


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