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With headquarters in Phoenix, AZ and 14 nationwide satellite offices, Next Phase Enterprises is positioned to take any brand national and beyond.

Working at Next Phase Enterprises

We like to think of the Next Phase Enterprises team as a family. We are one, collaborative and cohesive team working together towards a shared mission to help each other grow professionally and personally.

Together we clearly defined a set of core values that we believe will ultimately lead to positive morale for our employees, greater efficiencies, and overall success of our organization.

Check out Next Phase Enterprises’ Vision and Values


Positions are full-time requiring a minimum of 40 hours per week. We offer an aggressive benefit package which includes base salary, bonus, 401(k), profit sharing, and 100% health insurance coverage.

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Thank you for considering a career with Next Phase Enterprises!

Account Manager

Location Phoenix, AZ and Bentonville, AR

Job Description: The Next Phase Account Manager will help grow and expand the Next Phase business by increasing productivity and proficiency. The candidate will love the Next Phase core values and achieve strong internal relationships with our team and externally with customers and vendors.  The candidate will understand the “big picture” of the Next Phase and their role in supporting sales team members to increase sales effectiveness and smooth product launches. The candidate will be passionate about helping sales by introducing efficiencies and being diligently organized, meeting all deadlines, reducing errors, and working autonomously to move products through the system to the Logistics team.  Their high-quality work will yield greater efficiency and customer success.

Success Outcome #1

Drive the success of Next Phase by supporting the members of the Sales Team. X% measures it within an X time frame.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Prepare Sales personnel and use deductive reasoning to ensure products get to the shelf as efficiently as possible. Conduct surveys and research
  • Inspire the sales team’s trust by handling all details and preparing them effectively for buyer meetings, successful sales appointments, presentations, and follow-up. Keep the salesperson organized and on task to achieve sales goals.
  • Facilitate sales growth as measured by the PO report
  • Ensure the sales team/partners are adequately prepared to get to the authorization stage
  • Establish confidence and productivity that is demonstrated through a positive attitude and a strong work ethic
  • Great mathematical skills


Success Outcome #2:

Launch Products and Programs to Support Customers in Accordance with their Protocols. Ensure a smooth product introduction to the retail shelf. Measured by X% within an X time frame.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Understand the customers we work with and their differences to achieve exceptional customer service
  • Measure the success of your project management and the support you provide through the success of the sale, and internal KPIs
  • Meet all timelines through the product lifecycle, working to guide the whole process from ideation until launch
  • Manage internal and external relationships (cross-department, Customer, Supplier) to achieve perfect execution expressed in real dollars after authorization
  • Work with internal/external partners and ensure utilization of NPE/FSB timelines/checklists to build and launch customer programs successfully
  • Ensure protocols and policies are followed internally and with external clients and customers
  • Take responsibility for hitting deadlines so that crucial deadlines are met
  • Successfully set up and build items in the system
  • Deliver successful program launches as reflected by accurate, timely execution and the efficient use of time and resources within budget
  • Look for ways to utilize vendors better to achieve more sales
  • Ability to prioritize multiple projects to guarantee that all issues are allocated the required time to be handled in a professional manner
  • Be well organized with project management skills and strong attention to detail and accuracy
  • Flexible multi-task and move quickly between projects.
  • Ability to prioritize multiple projects to guarantee that all issues are allocated the required time to be handled in a professional manner
  • Be well organized with project management skills and strong attention to detail and accuracy
  • Flexible multi-task and move quickly between projects

Success Outcome #3:

Effectively Collaborate with Internal Partners and External Vendors to Meet Customer Needs. Measured by X% within an X time frame.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Ensure a smooth hand-off of programs to Logistics
  • Communicate well and ask questions
  • Extend trust to your colleagues and accept it from them. Understand that your team has your back and will always be willing to provide guidance/assistance at a moment’s notice. Reciprocate that teamwork sensibility
  • Provide support to your teammates by clearing obstacles, articulating a vision, and helping everyone move towards a common goal
  • Find every opportunity to improve in every department. Work to improve the company as a whole while living to our shared Vision and Values
  • Continually increase your knowledge and understanding of the role, the potential pitfalls, the nuances of each program and prepare to address each proactively,
  • Be proactive and self-governing. Expertly manage details in an ever-changing landscape
  • Follow policies and procedures to ensure data validation/management
  • Drive process improvements, quickly assessing situations and making recommendations for remedies or courses of action
  • Execute excellent interpersonal expertise via exceptional oral and written communication skills
  • Demonstrate problem-solving skills via critical thinking and relentless learning
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Logistics Manager

Location Phoenix, AZ and Bentonville, AR

Job Description: The person in the Logistics role is responsible for protecting the organization’s income and adding value for Next Phase customers. They will understand Next Phase suppliers and manufacturers deeply and ensure the smooth operation of programs. They will analyze sales and keep products in stock, working with Account Managers to support the Sales team. Beyond simply organizing data, the Logistics team member is an analyst and key contributor that our clients & customers rely upon and see as a value-add. The Logistics contribution is critical to ensuring the long-term success of the company.


Success Outcome #1

Manage Inventory and Ensure Timely Product Delivery.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Foresee and effectively address issues in production, delivery, upcoming promotions, and changes in inventory or ordering
  • Forecast sales and track orders to protect vendors and retailers while monitoring sales and orders to ensure sufficient pipeline inventory
  • Manage daily retailer inventory, ensuring PO’s are maximized, and reducing whip saw ordering which can put suppliers at risk of spoils or exhausted inventory resulting in short shipments.
  • In addition to retailed inventory, manage all applicable inventories, including manufacturing and 3PL partners.
  • Ensure on-time, in-full product delivery and PO fulfillment to customers. Success will be measured by fill rates and out of stocks.
  • Meet KPIs that measure program health and grow the bottom line of the suppliers
  • Achieve a decrease in escalations requiring direct involvement to resolve.


Success Outcome #2:

Drive Reporting and Analyses to Achieve Growth.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Constantly review program metrics and identify “in trouble” programs, then allocate the correct resources to solve.
  • Distribute timely, regular, accurate sales reports to manage inventory and generate useful insights to allow sales to communicate effectively with their buyers about how items are performing.
  • Identify opportunities for expansion, increase in-stock levels and maintain level order quantities
  • Track sales metrics and keep the sales team up to date on how the product is doing
  • Assess key metrics to communicate the health of the program. Identify issues and work to solve to avoid negative impact on the overall success of a program
  • Provide proactive analyses to identify areas of growth. Constantly look for ways to improve sales and the overall business

Success Outcome #3:

Unify the Organization and Service through Effective Communication and Relationships.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work with Account Management to ensure a smooth handoff of new programs
  • Help launch programs and build relationships through being the hey figure responsible for establishing lead times, minimum order requirements, and pre-launch forecasts.
  • Serve as the conduit for clear, concise, open communications with manufacturers, retailers, account managers, and the sales team so that “Asks” are understood, and key information is provided to help suppliers determine production levels, anticipated changes in sales, and retailer expectations. Keep our sales team informed at all times
  • Build effective, collaborative relationships as measured by increased confidence in our team’s ability to manage programs on behalf of our clients at manufacturer and customer levels
  • Leverage high-level thinking to look forward and properly manage the supply chain for success and growth
  • Constantly look for ways to improve the business
  • Deliver stellar customer service with a servant’s heart, both externally with clients and suppliers and internally with peers and other teams
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VP of Sales

Job Description: The Next Phase Enterprises VP of Sales will be a disciplined self-starter who enjoys motivating themselves and others. The candidate will increase revenue, regularly meeting and exceeding sales targets for Next Phase Enterprises by bringing in sales (authorizations). The candidate will work diligently to strengthen relationships between sales and support groups and aid the support teams by providing a solid foundation upon which to execute. The candidate will provide top-tier representation of the companies and brands Next Phase Enterprises manages. The candidate will successfully pioneer and identify potential vendor candidates. A successful candidate will relentlessly and professionally represent Next Phase Enterprises, its Mission, Vision, and Values.

The Next Phase Enterprises VP of Sales will demonstrate a strong work ethic combined with a deep understanding of clients and customers. The candidate will be an enthusiastic, positive team player who can think outside the box and operate within an established framework.


Success Outcome #1: Create and Grow Sales Through Sales Calls Driving D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) Sales and Securing New Partners. Negotiate and close contracts to create and maintain income with the highest ethics and integrity as measured by reported weekly sales results.

  • Obtain new item authorizations (sales)
  • Secure purchase orders
  • Deliver and exceed sales expectations of represented vendors>
  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Increase penetration with new national programs at Costco helping them innovate
  • With an entrepreneurial spirit, manage everyday business demands while developing customer and vendor-specific opportunities

Success Outcome #2: Build and Sustain Strong Relationships with Vendors, Buyers, Customers, and Suppliers. Maintain existing authorizations as measured by the number of active items under the Sales VP. Represent our organization with professionalism and reinforce a stellar reputation of Next Phase Enterprises in the marketplace.

  • Expertly manage existing external relationships, and continually build new relationships throughout the customer’s organization
  • Bring on new suppliers, the lifeblood of Next Phase Enterprises measured by tracking the performance of new vendors according to established Next Phase Enterprises’ metrics
  • Focus on the customer. Execute at the highest level
  • Develop items and programs that will achieve longevity within the retail marketplace
  • End each meeting with a buyer by asking the 6 key questions
  • Strategically prioritize and multi-task
  • Identify new opportunities and their fit within our core customers’ business models

Success Outcome #3: Deeply Understand and Live Next Phase Enterprises’ Values and Operations to Effectively Navigate and Connect Internal Groups and Functions. Communicate effectively and connect with internal stakeholders and support teams to enhance the productivity, results, and happiness of the Next Phase Enterprises business and employees. Measured by Next Phase Enterprises employee retention in support functions and roles which results in longer and stronger relationships with our buying partners.

  • Build positive relationships between the sales team and the office/support staff as measured by staff satisfaction and goal attainment
  • Manifest gratitude and respect for the support staff who help make them successful
  • Professionally represent Next Phase Enterprises in all activities. Maintain an entrepreneurial spirit in everything we do. Protect the family
  • Live Servant Leadership, internally with Next Phase Enterprises and externally through our values and principles
  • Adhere to and understand the processes (both internal and within our customers) to develop programs that will stay the course and meet expectations
  • Monitor program performance in existing manufacturers, in conjunction with internal teams, to ensure Next Phase Enterprises stays ahead of all potential issues and is up-selling wherever possible
  • Create business plans and go-to-market strategies with customers
  • Bring in new opportunities for manufacturers and/or add to existing lines


  • A level of knowledge and experience that will allow the candidate to be effective in the buying rooms
  • Prior success selling programs to customers nationally and regionally (or within our trade channels) with a proven track record of success
  • Existing productive relationships with buyers and key decision makers at the customer which the candidate will serve
  • Demonstrated ability to build and develop programs with scope
  • Track record of building and sustaining solid professional relationships
  • A history of exceptional customer service
  • Skill managing difficult timelines and projects
  • Able to provide specific examples of the candidate’s ability to innovate and its positive impact on clients and the organization
  • History of developing items for retailers to sell
  • Exceptional leadership and personal skills
  • Stellar verbal and written communication skills
  • A self-starter with the ability and enthusiasm to work well with others
  • Organization and time management skills
  • A history of drive as evidenced by setting and achieving challenging goals
  • The ability to be self-motivated and self-monitoring
  • The ability to be ethical and successful within the fastest moving, hardest driving, second-to-none sales/marketing/brokerage company in the country
  • Examples of a willingness to take ownership of “their lane” and accountability for results
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